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Who we are


Comprehensive Fire Technologies (ComTec) was founded in 2003 as a full service, highly specialized, fire protection company. We are the experts in the design, installation and service of all types of fire suppression systems, as well as advanced early warning smoke detection, and we are equipped to handle all of your fire protection needs anywhere in the United States. Our fire suppression products are the most environmentally sustainable and performance proven available in the fire protection industry today.

We represent the most trusted names in fire safety products. You can find out which ones a bit further down this page. ComTec's divisions include: consulting services, operations, engineering, project management, installation, and service of all and any type of fire protection/suppression system.

Whether your needs are new construction projects, an existing facility retrofit, or guaranteed 24/7 service, ComTec has the capability to deliver on both a local and national level.



We will help you to identify and prioritize fire risks in your building to find the best possible fire suppression system solution.


We will apply science and engineering principals to protect your business from the harmful effects of fire and smoke.

Project Management

Experienced in various types of fire protection projects, we will plan, organize and manage your project to make sure that it is completed quickly and efficiently.


We will analyze your building components as a total package to make sure your system is specialized for your unique needs.


We have you covered from design and fabrication to installation and maintenance – we do it all.

Special Hazard Systems

Our trained technicians will design, install and inspect your systems that are high-risk and/or prone to damage from traditional fire sprinkler systems.