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Product Offerings
Intelligent Control and Releasing Systems: Notifier , Janus, VES, Chemetron, Ansul, FireLite
Conventional Control and Releasing Systems: Notifier , Janus, VES, Chemetron, Ansul, Viking, Reliable, FireLite, Protectowire
Detection Equipment:
Analog Intelligent Smoke Detection: Notifier, Janus, VES, Chemetron, Ansul
High Sensitivity Smoke Detection: Vesda (air sampling), Safe (air sampling), Notifier (laser photoelectric), Wagner (air sampling)
Flame Detectors: Detector Electronics, Fire Sentry, Pyrotector, Honeywell Analytics
Linear Heat Detection: Protectowire, Alarm Line
Hazardous Gas Detection: Detector Electronics, Sensor Electronics, Siear Monitor Corporation, Honeywell Analytics
Suppression Agents:
Halon 1301: System Refill
FM-200 - Dupont : Janus, Chemetron, PyroChem, Minimax
Novec 1230 - 3M: Janus, Chemetron, Ansul, Minimax
FE-13 - Dupont: FireTrace
FE-36 - Dupont: System Refill
FE-25 - Dupont: FireTrace, BSCO Systems
Argonite - Chemetron: Chemetron
Argon-Minimax: Minimax
Inergen - Ansul: Ansul
High Pressure CO2: Janus, Chemetron, Ansul, FireTrace
Low Pressure CO2: Janus, Chemetron, Ansul
Industrial Dry Chemical: Ansul
Foam: Chemguard
Watermist - Mother Nature: Chemetron, Marioff
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